Interview de Claudie Duval par Vincent Esnault

Vincent Esnault (célèbre patineur de vitesse) a interviewé Claudie Duval (BEES Roller licenciée au club de Brétigny).

Cette interview (en Anglais) est disponible sur ce site:

Claudie que l’on connait aussi sur le pseudo de « Mamie Choupette », dévoile sa « collection » de roller RollerBlade.

Bonne lecture….


Claudie and the Rollerblade Problade

After Daniel, Claudie Duval: she is a passionat skater and a real sportswoman. She’s practicing every day, and when she’s training, it’s for the races (FIC marathons, the 24 Hours of Le Mans). She’s talking us about her Rollerblade Problade…

Vincent Esnault, 25.04.2008

“I’ve got three pairs of Rollerblade skates at home. The first is the one that I take to go for rides (and with which I’m going to participate at the 24 Hours of Le Mans solo). The second one, which I have since 2006, is the Problade with which I’m training on the tracks and with which I’m running on races with good grounds. The third one is the one that I’m taking it for marathons and big rides.”

Claudie is a confirmed skater: she went last summer for a ride between Beziers (South of France) and her home near Paris, which is about 750kms, with her Rollerblade skates!

She had to get used to with the skates each time, and it represents about one month of training. And the most difficult detail which appears when she rides with the Problade is that the ankle moves a lot: “it hurts my feet, to tell the truth, but it gives a lot of facilities in the curves!” She immediately adopted the 100mm wheels, on which she felt very well on every kind of ground, faster and more comfortable with the speed. “The 100mm wheels allow the skater to go through everywhere, even on little stones or on stick of woods!”

On some technical points, the Rollerblade Problade are some strong skates: “I’m training a lot with them, and they don’t change a lot; also, these are light skates, nice with a tiny frame, which is to me very feminine!” The design was that much appreciated that some other skaters of Claudie’s club bought some. But the argument is not only the design in that case: “the Problade are some skates with the colors of our club…” and that’s perhaps the reason!